Reformation Jen Dress in BlushReformation Jen Dress in Blush

It’s easy to embrace the summer heat when you have a great sun dress to wear. And if you are still searching, than look no further. Reformation has unveiled brand new styles perfect for when those temperatures reach 90 and above. Model Staz Lindes is captured in lightweight styles that are also environmentally sustainable for a new trend guide. From off-the-shoulder styles to spaghetti straps, discover dreamy dresses from Reformation below.

Reformation Doris Dress in Barbeque Reformation Doris Dress in BarbequeReformation Rosa Dress in DianaReformation Rosa Dress in DianaReformation Libby Dress in LudlowReformation Libby Dress in LudlowReformation Doris Dress in Barbeque Reformation Doris Dress in BarbequeReformation Rosa Dress in DianaReformation Rosa Dress in DianaReformation Doris Dress in Barbeque Reformation Doris Dress in Barbeque

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PurseForum Roundup – 22

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Welcome to Friday! We hope you had a wonderful week, and we welcome you to another edition of the PurseForum Roundup. This week, some bags in Balenciaga grabbed our attention, and we also paid visits to Coach and Kate Spade, among others!


We always try to peek into the “cheating on your favorite brand” conversations across the PurseForum. Most of our designer subforums include these fun, chatty threads as a way for members to share their finds with their friends, and we never fail to find impressive goodies when our members stray. This week in Balenciaga, we found this fabulous Proenza Schouler PS1 Tiny Fringe from new_to_lv.


Also in Balenciaga, we spotted this lovely Courier in Tempete, one of our favorite colors from this brand. This super bag belongs to piosavsfan, who did a great job of showing of this nuanced color. The July/August purchases thread, where we found this beauty, is going strong, and is a great way to get to know some of the lesser-known offerings from this brand.


CoachCruiser had Coach fans turning green with envy when she revealed this delicious Chelsea in stunning forest green. Speaking of green, Loco4Coco is trying to decide between two bags in this great color, so if you have an itch to share your opinion, we have you covered right here. Coach fan Morewineplease posed a question to her Coach friends in this thread, and the topic was the Rogue. After plenty of input, she made her decision–if the Rogue is on your radar, this thread has lots of information to help you make the prefect choice.


If you are a longtime Coach lover with some older bags, we would love to see you (and your bags) in the Show us Your Patina thread. These older bags wear like iron, and it’s terrific to see them alive and well and in such great shape–for example, this one from westvillage.


We wandered into Kate Spade and found this Cobble Hill mini in Alice Blue, a bag that new Kate Spade fan jchristensen09 picked up and, with that, was hooked. If you are considering a purchase, our members have you covered in the What’s New in Outlets and Promotional Codes and Sales threads, both excellent resources if you are scouting for a bargain.


The PurseForum is so much more than purses. We also have Shoes! Beautiful, beautiful shoes. Our shoe subforum has sections dedicated to Valentino, Christian Louboutin and everything else, which can be found in the Glass Slipper. Lately, the Glass Slipper has been a gold mine of delicious shoes of all kinds, and we particularly love what we are seeing in the Aquazzura thread. Aquazurra never fails to deliver, and gatorpooh’s delightful Pom Pom sandals are but one example of why this brand is tops in our book.


Does your purse life include online auction buying or selling? Our members scour the Earth for their favorite bags, and sometimes shopping the auction sites is how they seal the deal. PurseForum is the home to a huge wealth of information on auction sites in the eBay Forum. This is the place to go if you have a dispute or shipping question, or if you need a suggestion on how to best navigate this complex world. You can get help with general questions, as well as with specific sellers or transactions. You will also find coupons and shopping intel for most brands in our Deals and Steals subforum.

Our closing photo comes to us from the Garden Photographs to Share thread, and Kendie26’s beautiful garden. Thanks Kendie26! We will be back next week for more, and in the meantime, we wish you a lovely weekend and week ahead.

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Harleth Kuusik and Steffy Argelich star in Emilio Pucci's fall-winter 2016 campaignHarleth Kuusik and Steffy Argelich star in Emilio Pucci’s fall-winter 2016 campaign

Marking Emilio Pucci’s second campaign under the creative direction of Massimo Giorgetti, the Italian brand’s fall-winter 2016 advertisements celebrate its Florentine heritage. Shot on top of the Palazzo Pucci, models Steffy Argelich and Harleth Kuusik bring a youthful spin to the new season’s prints and billowing shapes. From printed trench coats to pleated skirts, these colorful designs stand out against antique architecture. Cameron McCool captured the campaign with styling byVittoria Cerciello. Emilio Pucci tapped Pierpaolo Lai on hair and Georgina Graham on makeup.

Emilio Pucci photographs fall 2016 campaign on a Florentine rooftopEmilio Pucci photographs fall 2016 campaign on a Florentine rooftopEmilio Pucci embraces retro sunglass shapes for fall-winter 2016 campaignEmilio Pucci embraces retro sunglass shapes for fall-winter 2016 campaignAn image from Emilio Pucci's fall 2016 campaignAn image from Emilio Pucci’s fall 2016 campaignEmilio Pucci fall-winter 2016 campaignEmilio Pucci fall-winter 2016 campaignEmilio Pucci's signature prints stand out in its fall 2016 campaignEmilio Pucci’s signature prints stand out in its fall 2016 campaign

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Chanel’s wallet on chain bags are selling like hot pancakes in Chanel boutiques and online stores and this Trendy CC Wallet On Chain Bag is one of the most requested. Ladies, it has never been a secret that this is latest “IT” bag from Chanel and if you still don’t own it, make sure you don’t run out of time as there’s too much competition from getting your hands on this lovely one.

Okay, so what’s the buzz about this bag? What makes it special from the rest of the WOC bags created by Chanel? Well, one thing in particular is the golden metal plate on top with Chanel’s signature on it. It’s that one distinguishing feature that sets it apart from all the others. And who doesn’t like something unique and trendy?

Did we forget to mention that it is quilted? The diamond quilting effect does justice and beauty to this wallet on chain bag, if you haven’t noticed. And oh, the interwoven chain also complemented this bag of a gem!

The Chanel Trendy CC WOC has the style code A80982, measuring 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $2400 USD, €2250 euro or $3590 SGD via Chanel boutiques.


Tags: Chanel

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Frederikke Sofie stars in Missoni's fall-winter 2016 campaignFrederikke Sofie stars in Missoni’s fall-winter 2016 campaign

Missoni heads to the calm waters of Italy’s Segrino and Alserio Lakes for its fall-winter 2016 campaign. Model Frederikke Sofie poses for British photographerHarley Weir in flowy knits for the advertisements. The blonde beauty is a romantic vision in long scarves, Missoni’s signature prints and sweeping overcoats. Frederikke’s natural waves and no makeup look fit perfectly with the earthy setting. See more images from Missoni’s fall campaign below.

Missoni captures fall 2016 campaign in Italy's famous lakesMissoni captures fall 2016 campaign in Italy’s famous lakesMissoni features its famous knitwear in fall-winter 2016 capaignMissoni features its famous knitwear in fall-winter 2016 capaignMissoni features knitted sweater in fall 2016 campaignMissoni features knitted sweater in fall 2016 campaign

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Louis Vuitton Bandouliere Shoulder Collection

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You’ve seen the ones from Fendi, you read about the new ones from Prada, now let me introduce these ones from Louis Vuitton that are already available in Singapore. Simply known as the Bandouliere collection (bandouliere being French for shoulder, by the way), this also reinforces the fact that these add-on shoulder slings which can be bought separately to allow you to customise your bag will not be a passing fad. Yes, folks, the slings are here to stay.


Measuring 90 cm in length by 4 cm in width, the shoulder slings come in a wide array of offerings, from Monogram Canvas to Epi and even exotic python. On the other side of the sling is Vuitton’s Haute Macroquinerie leather, which can also be hot-stamped with your initials if you wish it so.


Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, its prices. Starting from SGD680 for the ones that come with Monogram Canvas finish on one side, it then goes up to SGD765for the ones in Epi (do you see the Epi Denim one which is love?) before peaking atSGD1210 for the ones in exotic python.

In other words, besides being rather well-priced as compared to the other brands, the wide variety that’s now available just means you need to decide which one will go best with your existing Louis Vuitton bag, be it the Alma, the City Steamer, or even theSpeedy, just to name a few. Or get it for any other bag you already own; it doesn’t really matter.

And if anyone’s looking for me this weekend, I’ll be holed up in a Louis Vuitton store deciding which one (or ones) I need the most. Decisions, decisions.

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